Question: What is the vocabulary of relationship?

What are the relationship of the words?

Common Word RelationshipsRelationshipDefinitionSynonymTwo words have the same or nearly the same meaningAntonymOne word means the opposite of anotherHomonymTwo words sound alikePart to wholeA piece or portion of something is related to the total object6 more rows

How do you teach vocabulary in a relationship?

To teach word relationships deeply, provide students with paired words to be learned which have a definable category relationship. Require students to write sentences which apply context clues strategies to show the different meanings of the two words in relationship to each other.

What is relationship family?

A family relationship can be defined as any combination of filiation or conjugal relationships that join two people directly or through a third party. Conjugality is defined in this census as a de facto cohabitation, thus independent of the situation as regards the legal marital status.

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