Question: When did Campagnolo introduce 11 speed?

In 2008, Campagnolo introduced 11-speed drivetrains with Super Record, Record, and Chorus groupsets. Campagnolo has released an electronic version of its drivetrain.

What is the difference between Campagnolo Record and Super Record?

The Super Record crank comes with a titanium spindle and CULT-ceramic bearings whilst the Record features a steel-spindle and standard ceramic bearings. One more difference between the two models is the additional aero-lip on the Super Record crank which reduces torsion in the chainring and increases aerodynamics.

Is Campagnolo still in business?

No, Campagnolo isnt disappearing. Its true that most new bikes are coming equipped with Shimano or SRAM, but I hope that doesnt mean that Campag are disappearing.

What is the most expensive groupset?

Super Record EPS Super Record EPS is the most expensive commercially available groupset. In May 2017, Campagnolo announced its new disc brake groupsets - with discs available across Chorus, Record and Super Record groupsets.

Are SRAM components better than Shimano?

The main differences between SRAM vs Shimano are: SRAM has a stronger hold over the high end of the groupset market, whereas Shimanos groupsets are often bought by entry to mid-level users. Shimano shifting actuation works on a 1:1 ratio, whereas SRAMs shifting actuation works on a 2:1 ratio.

Is Campagnolo Super Record Wireless?

Its also worth bearing in mind, Campagnolo wont be rolling out the wireless features on all the EPS models, so while Super Record and Record users will be thrust flailing into the future, Athena and Chorus riders will still be stuck in the dark ages of standard electronic shifting.

What is Super Record EPS?

Super Record EPS. Campagnolo Super Record EPS, the feather in the cap of Campagnolo® innovation thanks to the technologies, materials and expertise behind the design of this groupset, consolidates its benchmark role by moving up to a 12-speed.

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