Question: What does tango stand for?

What does tango mean in Tagalog?

Translation for word Tango in Tagalog is : tanggo.

What is tango in Tagalog?

Translation for word Tango in Tagalog is : tanggo.

What does it takes 2 to tangle mean?

Definition of it takes two to tango it takes two to tango If you say it takes two or it takes two to tango, you mean that a situation or argument involves two people and they are both therefore responsible for it.

What does code blue mean police?

Security to relocate visitors & family from immediate area. Attention. “Code Blue” Medical Emergency at: (Announced location) Cardiac or Respiratory Emergency: Code Blue Team to respond to location.

What does a 10 13 mean?

Officer needs help For example, in the NYPD system, Code 10-13 means Officer needs help, whereas in the APCO system Officer needs help is Code 10–33.

What does Tengo hambre means?

I have hunger If youd like to say “I am hungry” in Spanish, youd say “Tengo hambre.” Even though its not an exact translation—it means “I have hunger”—its the most common phrase used by Spanish speakers.

Is it it takes two to tango or tangle?

A 1952 song popularized the phrase “it takes two to tango”; and it was quickly applied to everything that required two parties, from romance to fighting.

Whats a 1013 in cop talk?

If an addict is a threat to themselves or others law enforcement may be called. If they assess the situation and determine that the person is no longer thinking clearly and poses a risk they can take them on involuntary psych hold. This is sometimes called a 1013, because that is the code police officers use.

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