Question: How many suitors are on Channel 4 dating show?

Are any of the couples from five guys a week still together?

Were still in touch now, and were kind of aligning in business as well. Charlotte and Laurence did give things a go though, with the herbal remedy business woman saying she enjoyed their date once the cameras were over.

What is the latest episode of first dates?

Episode 6 First Dates/Latest episode

How many series of first dates are there?

First DatesNo. of series17 (regular) 1 (celebrity) 5 (hotel) 1 (teen) 22 (overall)No. of episodes139 (regular) 11 (specials) 7 (celebrity) 6 (best bits) 30 (hotel) 6 (teen) 1 (celebrity hotel) 200 (overall)ProductionProduction locationsPaternoster Chop House, London (2013–2020) The Refinery, Manchester (2021-)16 more rows

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