Question: Is Surbhi Jyoti Indian?

Where is Surbhi Jyoti from?

Jalandhar, India Surbhi Jyoti/Place of birth

Who is Surbhi Jyoti real sister?

Shanu Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti has a Sister Shanu Jyoti and Brother Sooraj Jyoti who is an engineer by profession.

Who is Jyoti boyfriend?

Surbhi Jyotis marital status is unmarried. She was in a relationship with Zoravar Singh who is the brother of Punjabi actor Madhurjeet Sarghi.

Is Ritvik and Surbhi Jyoti dating?

For the uninitiated, after breakup with Asha Negi, Rithvik is rumoured to be dating Surbhi and the two are going strong with their relationship. Many-a-times, they are spotted vacationing together with their friends and posting photos and videos from the stay.

What is the age of Surbhi Jyoti?

33 years (May 29, 1988) Surbhi Jyoti/Age

Is Pearl V Puri boyfriend of Surbhi Jyoti?

In an interview with Pinkvilla, when Surbhi Jyoti was asked if she is dating her Naagin co-star, Pearl V Puri, she had retorted, I and Pearl are not dating each other. We are good friends with each other. But no we are not dating. He is a good friend.

Is Pearl V Puri married to Surbhi Jyoti?

Although there were many rumors in the telly industry that Surbhi Jyoti is dating her Naagin co-star Pearl V Puri and also her name was linked with Sumit Suri, who was seen in her music video Haanji. But those were all false statements, as per the media reports and she is married to her work life.

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