Question: Do you have to tell someone if you have hep C?

You do not have to tell health care workers that you have hepatitis B or C. All health care workers, including dentists, have strict protocols that they must follow to avoid getting a blood borne virus. These do not change if they are treating someone with hepatitis B or C.

Do I have to tell anyone I have hep C?

For most people there is no legal obligation to tell your employer that you have, or have had hep C.

Do you have to disclose if you have hepatitis?

Disclosing your condition There arent many jobs that pose the risk of blood-to-blood transmission. Because of this, you likely wont need to disclose your condition to your employer. On the flip side, an employer cant legally fire you for having hepatitis C.

What can you take for pain if you have hep C?

Persons with chronic HCV infection and cirrhosis should, in general, avoid taking NSAIDs or aspirin. Individuals with cirrhosis who have short-term, minor pain should take acetaminophen in this setting as long as the acetaminophen dose does not exceed 1 gram per day.

Can you be a carrier of Hep C and not have it?

Hepatitis C can be spread if a person who doesnt have HCV comes into contact with the blood of someone who has HCV. Although coming into contact with infected blood does pose a risk, the virus can only be spread if the infected blood enters their body through a cut or orifice.

How long can hep C lay dormant?

The hepatitis C infection is considered chronic after 180 days. The incubation period of HCV differs from that of other types of hepatitis. The incubation period for hepatitis A (HAV) is 15 to 50 days . The incubation period for hepatitis B (HBV) is 45 to 160 days .

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