Question: What do numbers on cast-iron mean?

The number actually refers to the diameter of the pan in inches across the bottom of the pan, not across its flared top, which is the industry standard way to measure skillet size. According to Lodge: “The 10 comes the days from when cast-iron pots and pans were sized to fit on the numbered eyes of a woodstove.

What do the numbers on old irons mean?

The size number is typically found on either the bottom of a piece or incised in the top of the handle. In fact, these numbers instead indicate a size of old-time stove burners. Back when wood-burning stoves were first becoming prevalent, pans were made to fit the variously sized openings in the top called stove eyes.

What size is a #3 cast iron skillet?

12 inches and 10.25 inches with 8 inch Set of 3 Cast Iron Frying Pans.

What size cast iron should I have?

Go any bigger than 12 inches of pan and youve got a cooking surface with hot and cold spots. This size can pull off two large steaks, whole chicken sears and even most pork tenderloins. The largest downside is the weight — theyre too heavy to toss food in and some might strain to lift them one-handed.

Is vintage cast iron safe?

Cast iron pans can leach a sizeable amount of iron into your food, exceeding dietary intake in some cases. Acidic foods will contribute to much more leaching while an old, heavily-seasoned pan will leach much less iron than a newer one. So iron leaching isnt a big concern here.

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