Question: What is Worthing like to visit?

One of the biggest seaside towns on the South Coast, Worthing is a lively destination for shopping, eating, entertainment and family fun by the seaside! Its perfectly located to explore the award-winning beaches and seafront of the Worthing coast, as well as the stunning landscape of the South Downs.

Is Brighton Close to France?

How far is it from Brighton to France? The distance between Brighton and France is 493 km.

Can I see France from Hastings?

Hastings, United Kingdom There are also lakes waterfalls and interesting rock formations and stunning views - on a clear day you can see france, the white cliffs of dover and the seven sisters.

Is Worthing town open?

The Town Centre still has many businesses trading and so rather than going on line please pop in to pick up essentials or use your local businesses for Click and Collect or Delivery services.

Are there toilets at Shoreham beach?

Are there toilets by the beach? Yes, there are a number of facilities along the promenade.

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