Question: How is the date of a Chinese coin determined?

Chinese numbers: Dates on coins are read from left to right. Dating late 19th and early 20th century coins requires more skill than can be given here. Most pre-20th century coins are undated and depend on the ruling emperor of the time.

How do you read old Chinese coins?

The characters on a typical Chinese coin are read in the following order: top, bottom, right, left. The inscription (legend) on this coin would therefore be read as 康 (character at top), 熙 (character at bottom), 通 (character at right) and 寶 (character at left).

How old are Chinese coins?

Chinese cash coins were usually made from copper-alloys throughout most of Chinese history, before 1505 they were typically made from bronze and from 1505 onwards they were mostly made from brass.

Are old Chinese bills worth anything?

Over the last few years, weve seen a dramatic increase in the popularity and value of Chinese currency. Collecting Chinese currency is an excellent avenue for both seasoned collectors and novices. Not only do the coins and paper bank notes yield substantial value, their artwork and colour look stunning when displayed.

How do I know if my coin is worth money?

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