Question: Is Money Saving Expert reliable?

MoneySavingExpert has a consumer rating of 4.35 stars from 17 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. MoneySavingExpert ranks 8th among Personal Finance sites.

Is MoneySavingExpert the same as MoneySupermarket?

Q. Will stay independent? Absolutely, we will continue to do what weve always done. MSE and MoneySupermarket will operate as completely separate entities as part of the bigger group.

Who runs MoneySavingExpert?

Chairman Martin Lewis Founder and Executive Chairman Martin Lewis created MoneySavingExpert in February 2003 for just £100.

Does Martin Lewis Own MoneySavingExpert?

Money Saving Expert Lewis created and runs the website (MSE), which was originally designed for a cost of just £100 in February 2003. In September 2012 he sold the website to the group for up to £87m, while remaining editor-in-chief.

Where is MoneySavingExpert based? is a British consumer finance information and discussion website, founded by financial journalist Martin Lewis in February 2003.

Is MoneySavingExpert free?

MSE is completely free to use MoneySavingExpert is free to use and doesnt allow advertising – anything on the main site is here because we believe its the best way to save money. Thats based on independent, detailed and specialised journalistic research by members of the team.

How can I save money each month?

25 Great ideas for how to save money each monthReduce your mortgage payment. Downsizing your living space. Cancel subscriptions. Shop at discount grocery stores. Switch insurance companies. Get organized. Pay off debt. Find free things to do to save money each month.More items •Aug 30, 2021

What mortgage can I get for my salary?

Most mortgage lenders will consider lending 4 or 4.5 times a borrowers income, so long as you meet their affordability criteria. In some cases, you could find lenders willing to go up to 5 times income. In a few exceptional cases, you might be able to borrow as much as 6 or 7 times your income.

Whats Martin Lewis net worth?

Over the years he has funded many other causes, including Citizens Advice. His generosity and the lower MoneySuperMarket share price leads us to trim Lewis to £123 million.

Do MoneySavingExpert come to your door?

NEVER open the door to anyone saying its Money Saving Expert. Its not us. We dont do any for door to door (or phone or any other) sales.

How much should I try to save each month?

Most experts recommend saving at least 20% of your income each month. That is based on the 50-30-20 budgeting method which suggests that you spend 50% of your income on essentials, save 20%, and leave 30% of your income for discretionary purchases.

What should I eat to save money?

10 foods you should be buying if you want to save moneyFrozen vegetables are the way to go. Rotisserie chickens are inexpensive and versatile. Keep some bouillon cubes in your cupboard. Pasta meals can be cheap and delicious. Beans and legumes should be a staple in your diet. Eggs are easy, cheap sources of energy.More items •Sep 17, 2018

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