Question: What should I do when I first fill my hot tub?

What should I put in my hot tub when I first fill it up?

1:174:17Hot Tub Start Up - How to Fill a Hot Tub - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSpa first grab your garden hose and pre-filter a pre-filter is really handy as it removes suspendedMoreSpa first grab your garden hose and pre-filter a pre-filter is really handy as it removes suspended solids as well as heavy metals found in your source water.

How much chlorine do I put in a freshly filled hot tub?

How Much Chlorine Should I Add to my hot tub? A chlorine level of between 3-5mg/l must be maintained in your hot tub at all times. The addition of chlorine will depend upon usage and bathing habits. It could be daily or every 2-3 days (for 1mg/l add 2g per 1000 litres).

What should be adjusted first alkalinity or pH?

You should test alkalinity first because it will buffer pH. Your reading should be in the range of 80 to 120 parts per million (ppm). If you need to increase the alkalinity, add an increaser. To lower it, youll add a sodium bisulfate.

What happens if you get in a hot tub with too much chlorine?

If theres too much chlorine it will vaporise and form gas that floats just above the surface of the water. If this vapor is inhaled it can inflame airways and exacerbate certain breathing conditions. Read more What Temperature Should My Spa Pool be at and Why?

How much chlorine should I put in my hot tub calculator?

Measure out 2 teaspoons of chlorine for every 200 gallons of spa water. Add the chlorine to a bucket of water to dissolve, and then pour the bucket into the hot tub.

Why wont my pH level go down in my hot tub?

A product that is used to lower pH is sodium bisulfate. If pH will not lower after adding the recommended amount of pH minus, hot tub owners can always add a liquid acid which can be more aggressive at bringing down a pH. Chances are the pH is much higher than the actual reading on the test strip.

Does adding alkalinity increase pH?

From a water balance standpoint and from a practical standpoint, a high alkalinity will continuously raise the pH. You will always be adding acid to a pool that has high alkalinity.

Should you drain your hot tub in the summer?

#1: Make Sure To Drain Completely When Storing Your Hot Tub Storing a hot tub usually means draining the water, which is just fine and usually doesnt affect the tub.

How long does it take for chlorine to dissipate in a hot tub?

After NON-CHLORINE shock wait 10-15 minutes before entering. After chlorine shock it can take up to 24 hours to clear. Therefore it is recommended to use non-chlorine shock. It is always recommended to test with a PH strip again before entering.

What chemicals do I add to my hot tub after filling?

When a hot tub has been refilled, it is important to give the water a high dose of sanitiser. This can be done by adding 60g of chlorine granules per 1,500 litres of water to start the sanitation process and allow the level to drop to 3-5mg/l before using the hot tub.

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