Question: Who can you date as FeMC?

Can you date Bebe Persona 3?

User Info: yhibiki. There are only four possible love interests, and Bebe isnt one of them. Star, Moon, Justice, and Fortune. Star and Justice have VERY SPECIFIC dialogue choices you need to make in order to become lovers with them.

Who can you date in p3p?

Persona 3: A Guide To Every Possible Romance1 Mitsuru Kirijo. Mitsurus Social Link isnt all that hard to access with one exception.2 Yukari Takeba. 3 Akihiko Sanada. 4 Aigis. 5 Shinjiro Aragaki. 6 Fuuka Yamagishi. 7 Ken Amada. 8 Elizabeth. More items •15 Jul 2019

Is Shinjiro dead?

Just as Takaya fires at Ken, Shinjiro jumps in front of the bullet, taking his own life. SEES, whove arrived too late to stop Takaya, finds their dying comrade along with a very distraught Ken. Just before he dies, he tells Ken to make his life matter and tells Akihiko to take care of Ken.

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