Question: Who is dating Lisa Rinnas daughters?

(Rinnas eldest daughter with Harry Hamlin is currently dating fitness coach and former Love Island star Eyal Booker.) Im probably going to be the one to get married first, so can I just take a little look? asked Delilah, 23, as Amelia, 20, chimed in, Thats not going anywhere near me.

Is Amelia Hamlin still dating Scott?

Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin have gone their separate ways. Multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE that the pair have split, with one source saying that Amelia broke up with Scott. News of their split comes after an insider revealed that Disick, 38, and Hamlin, 20, were having issues.

Why did Amelia and Scott break up?

Amelia and Scott split earlier this month after they were first romantically linked in November. The breakup came after Scotts alleged DMs criticizing his ex, Kourtney Kardashian, went public. A source told ET at the time that Scott and Amelia are doing their own thing and not together at the moment.

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