Question: Is the new series of First Dates on Channel 4?

The new series will start on Monday, September 6 and episodes will air weekly on Channel 4 - however, after the first episode the second episode will be available on All 4 if you just cannot wait a week.

Where can I watch the new series of first dates?

The new series of First Dates will start on TV on Monday, 6 September on Channel 4. Episodes will air weekly at 10PM. If youre not near a TV, you can watch episodes live as they air via the All4 Channel 4 Live Player. Once episodes air, youll be able to catch up online via the main All4 First Dates Hotel page.

Is first dates on again?

First Dates is back with a fresh new look for series 16. The much-loved Channel 4 show is returning to screens from a brand new restaurant in Manchester for 2021.

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