Question: What happened to Rob Forbes?

After nearly a decade on 5FM, DJ Rob Forbes has announced his “radio retirement” and exit from the station, leaving many of his fans devastated. Rob and his co-host Fix announced their departure from the SABC radio station on Tuesday. This has been the plan, in consultation with 5FM management, since early 2020.

What happened to Forbes and Fix?

Radio personalities Rob Forbes and DJ Fikile Fix Moeti announced their resignation from SABCs 5FM on Twitter. The last Forbes & Fix show will be on 31 March 2021 The Forbes and Fix Show on 5FM is described as intelligent, witty, easy-going by nature and an impressive music knowledge.

Who was Rob Forbes and what did he do?

Rob Forbes is an American designer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the furniture company Design Within Reach, and of the bicycle retailer PUBLIC Bikes.

What channel is 5FM on the radio?

5FM is a South African FM radio station that follows a Top 40 music format and is owned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), South Africas public broadcaster .5FM.FrequencyVarious Nationwide, 98.0 FM in JohannesburgSloganThe Power of 5ProgrammingFormatCHR (Contemporary hit radio)Ownership8 more rows

Why did Sureshnie rider leaving 5fm?

She said she could not wait to spend more time with her husband, Leigh Rieder, and daughter Pavani Milan Rieder, but will not be retiring from radio. “I have way too much energy and experience to share. Im moving on to new chapters within the media space.

Why is Evelyn indebted to Forbes?

He taught Evelyn to learn music through sensing it rather than listening to it. As some time passed by she discovered a way of sensing notes of music through different parts of her body. Because Ron Forbes taught Evelyn this ability, Evelyn felt indebted to Forbes.

What did Ron Forbes do with drums?

Answer: Ron forbes was percussionist and evelyn s teacher . He said that donot listen the music by your ears ,you just have to feel the music. He played the drum and asked evelyn to feel the vibrations that are produced by the drums.

Who is leaving 5FM in 2021?

Durban - In a heartfelt message on Facebook, popular radio presenter Sureshnie Rieder told her fans that her last day on 5FM would be on Wednesday.

Is msizi James leaving 5FM?

This means that the star will be leaving his show on 5FM which he co-hosts with the captivating Stephanie Be. “As you might have heard on the show Im hanging up my headphones here at 5FM. A week from today will be my last show at the station I grew up listening to and was inspired by,” Msizi says.

How did Ron Forbes help Evelyn?

He helped Evelyn to continue with music. Ron Forbes advised her to feel the music instead of listening it. He began by tuning two large drums to different notes. He asked her not to listen to them through her ears but to try and sense the sound in some other manner.

Why did Ron Forbes decide to teach her?

Answer: When her teachers discouraged her from pursuing a career in music, Ron Forbes, the percussionist, encouraged and helped Evelyn to continue with music. He noticed her potential and decided to help her develop it.

Who was Ron Forbes ans?

Ron forbes was a percussionist who spotted the potential of Evelyn. He helped her to continue with music and said dont listen through your ears,but try to sense it in some other way. He began by tunning two large drums.

Did mantsoe pout leave 947?

“As part of the changes to the Drive Time show, 947 bids a fond farewell to the high-spirited and effervescent Mantsoe Pout. Final 947 lineup changes will be revealed on Thursday, 11 March 2021,” they added.

Where is mantsoe pout now?

After four months of no radio work, former 947 DJ Mantsoe Pout has bagged a new gig. Taking to Twitter to share the news, Mantsoe Pout (Mantsoe Tsatsi) announced she will be filling the lunchtime slot on new regional radio station Star FM 91.9.

What frequency is 5FM in Cape Town?

FM FrequenciesMHzplocation87.8vStellenbosch (WC)88.2vCape Town/Tygerberg Hills (WC)88.5vEast London (EC)88.5vPaarl (WC)35 more rows

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