Question: Can you love someone you are not compatible?

Be Real With Yourself You can love people and be incompatible — and when you realize that just because you have a feeling doesnt mean you should act on it, then you can go to the head of the Maturity 101 class.

Can you be in love and not compatible?

You must be in love with your life partner, but you also must be in like. Love and compatibility are not the same thing, though they are often confused for one another. Being intensely attracted to someone doesnt always translate to a happy partnership.

Why is love not enough in a relationship?

Being in love is not enough to help a relationship survive, and neither is being happy. Even if happiness is your primary goal, the happiness youre feeling in your relationship could be temporary. “Falling in love releases euphoric hormones in your body such as dopamine and oxytocin,” sex educator Stef Woods, J.D.

Can an incompatible relationship work?

Long-term relationships only work well when you are compatible. If youre never going to be able to agree — or agree to disagree — on major issues, youll be happier in the long run without this person. Life is more enjoyable with a compatible partner, she says.

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