Question: What are the parts of a bathroom sink drain?

What is the drain part of a sink called?

Basin Basin: The basin is the part of the sink that holds water from the faucet. It has a drain in the bottom that allows water to escape.

What is a sink drain assembly?

The pop-up drain assembly connects the sink to the P-trap drain plumbing. The assembly consists of the flange and stopper (also called the pop-up), which are the parts you see in the sink; the drain tube, which is the main body under the sink; and the ball-and-rod assembly, which moves the stopper up and down.

How do bathroom sink drains work?

The sink drain has a flange that is sealed to the sink hole with plumbers putty. This flange is screwed into the drain body, which is tightened to the underside of the sink bowl with a locknut. The tailpiece, which may be fitted to a pop-up stopper, attaches to a drain trap by means of slip-joint couplings.

How do you install a sink drain assembly?

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How do I remove a bathroom sink drain assembly?

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Why do bathroom sinks have a hole?

They serve two functions: to prevent an overflow with the drain stopper engaged and to provide an escape route for air in the drain. Without this hole, a full basin of water would drain slowly because of the resistance it puts on air escaping up from the drain.

Can you use flexible hose for sink drain?

Flexible drain parts can be used to quickly connect offset sink drains. If you have ever been a little short on pipe or had drain trap fittings that were just shy of the necessary length or angle, youll appreciate the usefulness of flexible drain parts.

How do you remove plumbing from a bathroom sink?

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Does water sit in p-trap?

Water sits inside the P-trap, and prevents the sewer gas from leaking into the home. Water evaporates with time. When the water in the P-trap evaporates, sewer gas can leak straight into your home.

How do you remove plumbing from a sink?

0:031:11DIY Bathroom Sink Removal - YouTubeYouTube

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