Question: Can you get Tinder on Android?

Tinder is currently available on iOS, Android, and HMS devices. Along with our mobile apps, you can visit to use Tinder for Web. We also offer a lightweight version of Tinder you can take anywhere and everywhere - download Tinder Lite from the Google Play store.

Is Tinder on the Google Play store?

In what could be a significant blow to Googles expansion plans for the Play Store, Tinder today removed Google Play Store integration within its Android app (via Bloomberg). Going forward, Tinder users who want to subscribe to premium services will enter their credit card information directly into the app.

How do I use Tinder on my Android phone?

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What is the lightning bolt on Tinder?

The purple lightning bolt on Tinder is the sign of the premium features, Tinder Boost and Tinder Super Boost. If you tap on it on your screen, you can activate the feature which means you “skip the line” and become the top Tinder profile for 30 minutes in your neighborhood.

How do I get Tinder on my Samsung?

Tap the one that says tinder. (On Android devices, as shown here, Tinders logo will appear to point you right to the app.) Once you find the Tinder app, tap the Install button.

How do I get rid of this device isnt compatible with this version?

To fix the “your device is not compatible with this version” error message, try clearing the Google Play Store cache, and then data. Next, restart the Google Play Store and try installing the app again.

How do I install an incompatible app on Android?

Install the Apps APK File If an app is marked as incompatible because youre in the wrong country, you may be able to locate the apps . APK file and sideload it onto your device.

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