Question: How do you tell if someone is conning you?

How do you know if someone is conning you?

A con artist will tell you that everybody else is a con artist. They will pick up common shady tactics and say they dont do them. One of those tacts is creating urgency and trying to get you to make a decision quickly so you dont ask too many questions and realize you are being conned.

What is the difference between a con man and a grifter?

As nouns the difference between conman and grifter is that conman is a confidence trickster while grifter is a con man someone who pulls confidence games.

Is grifter a con artist?

A grifter is a con artist: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud. If theres one type of person you dont want to trust, its a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money.

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