Question: Where do rich people hang out LA?

Is there a lot of rich people in LA?

The combined 2020 wealth of these Los Angeles County billionaires was $132 billion, about 18 percent of the combined wealth of all California billionaires in Forbes list .Wealthiest Persons. Los Angeles County, 2020.NameTom GoresNet Worth ($ Billion)*$5.7Age56ResidenceBeverly HillsSource of WealthPrivate Equity34 more columns

How can I get famous in LA?

Move to Los Angeles.Master the Selfie.Date someone famous. Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images. Be Pretty (But Like, in a RELATABLE Way) Befriend the Biebs. Or just have really famous parents.Become a Scientologist. Get a job at Lisa Vanderpumps reality TV star of a restaurant SUR.More items •3 Jun 2014

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