Question: Why do Spanish guys say Mami?

What does it mean when a Spanish guy calls you mami?

Mami is a Spanish slang term variously used to refer to a mommy, attractive woman, female romantic partner, or close female friend.

Whats un poco mean?

adverb. some [adverb] (American) somewhat; to a certain extent. somewhat [adverb] rather; a little.

What does Pito mean in Spanish slang?

pito, el ~ (m) (flauta) whistle, the ~ Noun. flute, the ~ Noun. pipe, the ~ Noun. ‐ a tubular wind instrument.

Can you call a guy Bebecita?

What are other tender names you can call a boyfriend? boyfriend in Chile we call pololo, and bebecita its a baby girl and bebecito refers to a male, but you can use for both.

Whats the difference between Poco and poquito?

It can be either an adjective or adverb of quantity. When working as an adjective, poco has feminine (poca) and plural (pocos / pocas) forms. It means few or little. Poquito is the diminutive form of poco.

What does un poco mean in music?

a little adj, adv. (Music, other) music (in combination) a little; to a small degree: poco rit; un poco meno mosso. [from Italian: little, from Latin paucus few, scanty]

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