Question: How many levels are in Hollywood U?

How do you level up on Hollywood U?

Level Up Your Character and Key Friends at the Workshop Build a workshop to level-up your main character and his/her friends. When building is complete, tap on the workshop and choose your main character or friends to level-up. Leveling-up main characters is crucial for completing certain quests.

Is Hollywood U finished?

That means the world to us. The next game update for Hollywood U will be its last, and weekly quests will no longer be released but the spirit of Hollywood U continues to burn bright. I hope youll take a minute to check out Hollywood U and see this awesome game now that the story is complete.

What do fashion cards do in Hollywood?

They wont get you very far, but after each round youll be able to redeem a pair of Shards as well as some Fashion Arena cards, which can be used to design your own creations at Michaels Runway shop on Fashion Arena island and allow you to complete a quest.

How do you get a fairy tale in Hollywood U?

Fairy Tales can only be placed in the Fashionista Dorm, Movie Star Dorm, Director Dorm, or Pop Star Dorm.

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