Question: Where do you meet Sims in Sims 3?

Out and About - Meeting Sims Head to the art gallery if your Sim is artistic. Hit the gym if theyre athletic. If your Sim loves the outdoors, head to the pond. Youre more likely to meet Sims with similar taste by visiting these places.

How do you find other Sims in Sims 3?

Just load up whichever saved game youve put any playtime into, go to Edit Town and youll see a carbon copy of all the sims youve created, so you can just toss your already-created sim from one saved game into the other saved game.

How do you get a boyfriend on Sims 3?

Interact with the romantic interest and choose Romantic options (Flirt, Compliment Appearance, etc.) until their relationship bubble says So and So thinks you are being flirty. Interact with them, choose Romantic, then choose Propose Going Steady. If they accept, they will then be boyfriend/girlfriend.

How do you make friends on Sims 3?

Make Me Friends With the testing cheats enabled, press Shift and click on your mailbox. Select the option Make Me Friends. This enables your active Sim to instantly obtain the friendship level with a few randomly selected Sims. You can perform this cheat multiple times to obtain more friends.

How do you add a SIM to your household on Sims 3?

Using Cheat Codes is another option for moving Sims in. Hit Control + Shift + C on PC or Command + Shift + C on Mac to bring up the Cheat Console. Type testingcheatsenabled true and press Enter. Now you only need Shift + left-click on a Sim in the game and select Add to Active Household.

How do you size down objects in Sims 3?

Re: sims 3: sizing objects in buy/build mode @Kya10 Those are all Sims 4 commands to resize objects. Theres no way to do it in Sims 3 unless you use mods, or unless you can find custom content in the size you want.

How do you make your Sim instantly friends?

If your Sims have the same problem making friends that I have in real life, the cheat console code relationship. introduce_sim_to_all_others will instantly introduce your Sim to all their neighbors.

How do you get more than 8 Sims on Sims 3?

4:216:53The Sims 3: Have more than 8 Sims! - YouTubeYouTube

What is the cheat for Sims 3 to move objects?

You can use the console to enter cheats. Type moveobjects on to enable Move Objects mode. This allows you to place objects anywhere, including in walls and on top of one another. You can also use Move Objects mode to move Sims that are in the way of an object you are trying to place.

How do you turn objects in Sims 3?

Switch to the Sims 3 camera by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab, hold left-click on an item, and hold the Alt key. Drag your mouse to rotate the object in either direction smoothly.

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