Question: What is the male version of spinster?

The closest equivalent term for males is bachelor or confirmed bachelor, but this generally does not carry the same pejorative connotations in reference to age and perceived desirability in marriage.

What is an old unmarried man called?

confirmed bachelor is a phrase commonly used to indicate a man devoted to the single lifestyle and is often used by older single men to describe themselves.

Who is a spinter?

1 : a woman whose occupation is to spin. 2a archaic : an unmarried woman of gentle family. b : an unmarried woman and especially one past the common age for marrying. 3 : a woman who seems unlikely to marry.

What is the opposite of spinster?

What is the opposite of spinster?bridemarried womanhelpmeetmissuswifeymateconsortmissiswomanlady14 more rows

What comes after a spinster?

thornback Twitter user Sophia Benoit, 26 from Los Angeles, California, found out that spinster was only actually used for women ages 23-26. After that, they are called a thornback.

Can a girl be called as bachelor?

The feminine form of the word bachelor is bachelorette. Although, we commonly refer to an unmarried woman as a spinster but bachelorette has become a more conventional term now.

What gender is a female bachelor?

The opposite gender of bachelor is bachelorette. This term is derived from the word bachelor. Bachelor means a male who is not married or remains single. While a bachelorette is a female who is unmarried or remains single.

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