Question: Who is Cassper Nyovest dating right now?

Is Cassper Nyovest getting married?

The award-winning rapper clearly has more reasons to extend his stay in Durban. However, the rapper has denied these claims. Asked if hes getting married, Cassper told Metro FMs Fresh Breakfast on Friday morning: Nah, not any time soon.

Who is the richest kid in South Africa?

Top 10 youngest millionaires in South AfricaVusi Thembekwayo ($36.4 million) Ludwick Marishane ($10-50 million) Adii Pienaar ($5 million) Rapelang Rabana ($4 million) Refiloe Maele Phoolo aka Cassper Nyovest ($3 million) Sandile Shezi ($2.3 million) Duduzane Zuma ($1.12 million)More items •Mar 22, 2021

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