Question: Who owns worldstar2020?

Who owns WorldStarHipHop 2020?

Lee “Q” ODenat, is the founder of, a site once known mainly for rap videos that is now synonymous with grainy urban street fights. (When one breaks out nowadays, you can bet smartphones will come out and someone will yell “World Star!”)

Who made Wshh?

ODenat Born in Queens, New York, ODenat founded in 2005. The video content aggregator offers hip-hop and viral videos, often of outrageous, tabloid-style events. One clip available as of Tuesday was titled: “Kid Punches A Racist Homeless Man A Few Times For Calling Him The N-Word!”

Is worldstar dead?

The founder of the popular and controversial website, Lee ODenat, died of natural causes as a result of severe buildup of plaque near his heart and obesity, according to a full autopsy report. ODenat, who was known as Q, died suddenly in January at a massage parlor in San Diego.

Who is the CEO of WorldStarHipHop?

CEO Lee ODenat WorldStarHipHop CEO Lee ODenat in 2014.

Who is the CEO of worldstar?

CEO Lee ODenat WorldStarHipHop CEO Lee ODenat in 2014.

How do you submit music to pigeons and planes?

You can submit music to Were always checking that email and if we like something we hear, well reach out to you.

Is DMX dead?

Deceased (1970–2021) DMX/Living or Deceased

How much is a credit on submit hub?

Credits. After uploading your song, the first step in the submission process is selecting what type of credit youd like to use. Premium credits cost about $1, with discounts for buying in bulk.

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