Question: Does Bumble show your location to others?

Location and Bumble However, only your general location is displayed. In other words, people wont know exactly where you live. So if you dont open your app during a road trip, and nobody swipes right on your profile, or write to you during that time (so sad!), Bumble will not update your location.

Can you hide your location on Bumble?

If you dont want your location to be updated while the app is not open, you can force close the app. Please note, if you choose never, you will not be able to make any new matches.

What does it mean when Bumble doesnt show someones location?

If a users location isnt showing on their profile –– dont worry. A location wont appear if that user has set their profile on Snooze mode (for folks youve already matched with), if they are not near one of our geographical pinpoints, or if they havent opened the app for several days.

How does Bumble detect your location?

Unlike most apps, Bumble does not work on your device all the time. Once you leave the device, it stops and does not restart until you see or start a new match or message. This is why, if you are offline, the last time you connected, you have information on the location of the application.

Can you tell when someone is on Bumble?

“There isnt a function on the app that lets others know if someone is currently live on the app,” the Bumble representative said. “However, you can be certain that anyone you see on Bumble has been active in the last 30 days.

How does Bumble track your location?

Users dont know if youre online or not. When you connect again and open Bumble, the app retrieves information from your Wi-Fi information and GPS data from your phone. This fact means that Bumble will always base your location based on your physical location when using this app.

How do you use Bumble in a different location?

How can I change my location on Bumble Web?Click your profile image located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.Click SettingsScroll until you see LocationBeside the city there will be a refresh icon.Click the icon and your location will update to the latest city pinged by your browser.

Can you tell if someone looks at your Bumble profile?

Literally, the answer has to be no unfortunately. Bumble officially doesnt allow such things. It used to allow users to see when someone you have matched used the app for the last time.

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