Question: Is JD Scott sick?

Although he suffered from a couple of mysterious illnesses in 2019 and at one point, thought he had lupus, JD seems to be on the mend and working on multiple projects at once. And if hes going to keep up with his little bros on TV, hes going to need his strength.

What does Drew and Jonathan Scotts brother do?

Drew Scott JD Scott Jonathan Scott/Brothers

Is JD Scott married yet?

JD married Annalee Belle in October. After months of battling a mysterious “hidden illness,” the Property Brothers star finally has some good news: Hes tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Annalee Belle. The two wed on Halloween at a private home in Las Vegas, according to People.

How much older is JD Scott?

JD Scott (James Daniel) is two years older than his twin brothers and is widely recognized as the third Property Brother. Here are some things you might not know about the lesser-known Scott brother.

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