Question: Why did John Higgenson write Hey There Delilah?

Front man Tom Higgenson originally wrote the song about that one time he met a Columbia student-athlete obviously named Delilah (shes real) at a party, told her he was going to write a song about her despite her having a boyfriend, then showed up at her house some months later with this creepy song about their whole

Is Hey There Delilah about Delilah DiCrescenzo?

Hey There Delilah Higgenson was inspired to write the song after meeting her. Though the two were never in a relationship, DiCrescenzo did attend the 2008 Grammy Award show as the guest of Higgenson, where her namesake song was nominated for 2008 Song of the Year (won by Amy Winehouse for Rehab).

How did Tom higgenson meet Delilah?

Wed met through a mutual friend that summer at the House of Blues in Chicago and kept in touch over AOL Instant Messaging -- just friendly conversation because I had a boyfriend. When the Plain White Ts came to perform in New York City that fall, my boyfriend Will and I went to check them out.

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