Question: Can you save money by dating in Cambridgeshire?

How do you date in Cambridge?

10 Best Cambridge Date NightsHot Numbers Coffee on a Friday night. Visit Cambridge Ghost Tour. Punting, of course. Cocktails on the Varsity Roof Terrace Bar. The Cambridge Gin Lab. The Cambridge Footlights. Jazz @ Johns. Restaurant 22.More items •8 Sep 2018

How much do dating sites charge? CostMembership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostStandard Plan12 Months$18.99 per monthPremium Plan3 Months$34.99 per monthPremium Plan6 Months$24.99 per monthPremium Plan12 Months$19.99 per month2 more rows

What is there to do in Cambridge at night?

1 Ghost Walking Tours. 2 Theatres. 3 Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. 4 Outdoor Cinemas. 5 Live Music Venues. 6 Cocktail Making Classes. 7 Nightclubs. 8 Cambridge Wine School.More items •Feb 14, 2018

How much is a punt ride in Cambridge?

How much does it cost to self hire a punt in Cambridge? Self Hire punt prices range from £20 to £30 per hour. Self hire punt boats are available from Scudamores, Cambridge Chauffeur Punts, Granta moorings and Trinity College punts. Self hire is not available with Scholars Punting Cambridge at the moment.

Does Cambridge have good nightlife?

But alongside the tranquil hideaways and quintessential riverside pubs, Cambridge is a progressive urban area fronting a diverse medley of cool cocktail bars, wild student nightclubs and quirky hangouts aplenty, all just waiting to be discovered.

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