Question: How do you like someone on EliteSingles?

Comment on or like a profile entry or photo - Comment on a profile entry or photo by clicking/tapping on the speech bubble. Type your remark or question in the box that appears and click/tap Ok. Like a photo or profile entry by clicking/tapping on the thumbs-up button.

What does the heart mean on EliteSingles?

This allows you to do an open search of all our registered members. In order to use What if , you must have the app downloaded. To access this feature, just tap on the magnifying glass with the heart. You can then view the profiles and get in touch with members by sending a message.

How do matches work on EliteSingles?

The matching starts with the personality test, which is used to identify suitable profiles. Beyond looking at the levels of various personality attributes in the personality test, EliteSingles smart profiling also looks at what is important to you in terms of lifestyle, location, and relationship goals.

What does a smile mean on Elite Singles?

Send a Smile - You can send one as a greeting or simply to express your interest. Youll find this option directly on their profile or via your Matches list.

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