Question: Is Sabian or Zildjian better?

Zildjian and Sabian both produce a wide range of comparable cymbals that are mostly similarly priced, though some Sabian models are slightly cheaper. Sabian is popular for genres like worship and metal, while Zildjian is more popular for classic rock, punk and is the go-to cymbal brand for jazz drummers.

How good are Sabian cymbals?

Although the cymbals are not the best quality, they have a great look, and a decent sound. For beginner drummers with a budget, this is the pack for you!

Is Sabian B8 good?

I ordered the Sabian B8 Super Set because I wanted a variety of sounds. It comes with hi hats, two crashes, a big 20 ride and a nice splash. The sound that comes out of them is great! You can probably get better sounding cymbals at 3 or 4 times the price, so for the price of this set they sound awesome!

Is Zildjian a good brand?

Zildjian holds the impressive accolade of being the worlds largest cymbal maker. They are the quintessential cymbals, and every drummer is familiar with the iconic brand. Zildjian also offers the legendary K Constantinople line – the pinnacle of cymbal craftsmanship, renowned for its perfect blended sound quality.

What does Sabian AAX stand for?

AAX HHX. APX was shortened from Apex - the peak - due to the cutting high pitch and clear sound. XS20 is New hammering, Sabian B20 material - bargain price.

What are Sabian B8 cymbals made of?

B8, or 2002 bronze/CuSn8 by Paiste, consists of 92 percent copper to 8 percent tin.

How long do cymbals last?

Well, a drummer who hits with light to moderate force and good control should be able to make a cymbal last for 20 to 50 years, especially if theyre cleaned regularly. You can find 20+ year-old brass on eBay all the time.

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