Question: What are the serial numbers on Garcia Mitchell reels?

In 1971, Mitchell started a new system of serial numbering reels so that accurate dating was possible. All serial numbers started with a lettered prefix giving you the year of manufacture, i.e., A = 1971, B = 1972, C = 1973, etc. Six numbers followed this lettered prefix.

Where is the serial number on a fishing reel?

Model numbers are on the sides of the housing/body of the reel, and on the spool.

Where were Mitchell reels made?

France In 1990, Johnson Worldwide Associates (JWA) bought the Mitchell Company. The company moved its headquarters and R&D to Marignier, France, where it is still located today. Since its introduction in the late 1940s, nearly 30 million Mitchell 300 reels have been sold worldwide.

Do Daiwa reels have serial numbers?

No serial numbers on any reels.

Do Shimano reels have serial numbers?

Shimano Rep There are no serial numbers on these models.

What does XH mean on Daiwa reels?

“P”, “H” and “XH” after the digits “P” stands for Power Gear, “H” for High Gear and “X” is Extra High Gear. Lower gear means less line will get to the spool in 1 turn of the reel but it is easier to fight the fish with it. Daiwas gears go like this P > normal (nothing is indicated) > H > XH.

What does CT stand for on Daiwa reels?

Tatula CT. Its low-profile, sleek, and at $129.95, it weighs in 20 dollars leaner than the original Tatula at launch. The “CT” stands for “Compact Tatula”—a smaller design that fans of the original model have been clamoring for.

What does FB mean on Shimano reels?

This short blog attempts to explain what those letters and numbers mean. Shimano reels use the following format for their reels: FAMILY : MODEL : SIZE : GEAR RATIO : SPOOL DEPTH. As an example: Stradic FB 3000 XGM. Family = Stradic. Model = FB.

What does HG stand for on Shimano reels?

HG(High Gear) is a high gear ratio, and XG(xtra high gear) is the highest gear ratio.

Are Daiwa reels good?

Are Daiwa reels any good? Yes, Daiwa reels are known for having high-quality affordable fishing reels. Their electric reels are very popular when fishing deep and as a kite fishing reel when targeting sailfish. The Daiwa BG is one of the highest quality saltwater spinning reels on the market for offshore fishing.

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