Question: How does SDA funding work?

SDA refers to a new form of capital funding for NDIS participants. SDA is funded under the NDIS through individual participant plans. Under the NDIS, eligible participants receive funding in their plan that they can then use to approach the market to find an enrolled dwelling that meets their needs.

How do you qualify for SDA?

People who do need SDA have extremely high needs. They need to live in very specialised homes, usually with high levels of person-to-person support. To decide if someone is eligible for SDA funding, we ask three questions: do you have an extreme functional impairment? or very high support needs?

What is an SDA assessment?

SDA Assessment involves an extensive evaluation of your current and future needs, and provides a recommendation to NDIS regarding your eligibility for specialist disability accommodation and the specific environmental features the participant requires for optimal independence and safety.

How do I leave SDA?

Just give them (the SDA that is) a call and say you want to cancel.

What is the age limit for SDA?

The age limit set by the KPSC board for both the SDA and FDA posts is between 21 to 35 years .KPSC FDA SDA Age Limit.CategoryAge RelaxationST5 years2 more rows

How do I apply for SIL funding?

The Provider will submit a SIL Quote and a Roster of Care to the NDIS. The NDIS SIL team will then assess all evidence and will provide SIL funding if they feel that you are a suitable candidate for supported living. This can sometimes take several weeks or several months to be approved.

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