Question: What should you know about dating an Australian?

What should you never say to an Australian?

The 13 things you will never hear an Australian traveller sayI wish we had coffee like this back home That is the most beautiful beach Ive ever seen Id love to visit that country – but its too far away Thats too long to be away Im not eating anything weird Its so good to find some other AustraliansMore items •23 Aug 2017

Why is thumbs up rude in Australia?

Though many western countries recognize a thumbs up gesture as an affirmative sign or sign of approval, in Australia it is considered a rude gesture having a meaning similar to that of a raised middle finger. In Australia, it means OK, but if you move it up and down, it is considered as a grave insult.

How do I speak in an Australian accent?

0:434:33How To Do An Australian Accent FAST - YouTubeYouTube

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