Question: Which is the best gay bar in Houston?

Is there a gay neighborhood in Houston?

Houstons gay scene is centered in Montrose, an attractive neighborhood a couple of miles southwest of downtown, with a mix of early 20th-century homes and cottages and several newer pockets of condos and apartments.

Is numbers a gay bar?

Numbers Cabaret, or simply Numbers, is a gay bar and nightclub located in the Davie Village neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

WHEN DID numbers Houston Open?

1978 Numbers opened in 1978. It is equal parts dance club, concert venue and neighborhood hangout. Perhaps more than anywhere else, it reflects the true diversity of Houston.

Is 713 a Houston area code?

281, 346, 713, 832 Houston/Area codes

Who owns numbers Houston?

HOUSTON – Its a Houston nightclub staple thats been open for over four decades. Like many other businesses impacted by the pandemic, Numbers has been temporarily closed now for months. “The last night we were open was March 14, Rudi Bunch, the owner of Numbers Nightclub said.

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