Question: How to tell the age of a Griswold Hunker?

Look for an apostrophe in the Griswold logo. If you find Griswold spelled Griswolds, you have a skillet that was manufactured between 1884 and 1912.

How can you tell if its cast-iron?

2:346:53IS IT CAST IRON OR CAST STEEL? 5 Ways To identify Before - YouTubeYouTube

Can you use PAM on cast-iron?

Do not try to use nonstick sprays like Pam to season your cast iron skillet, as they contain other ingredients that arent good for your pan. No more trying to pour oil into the pan and pouring too much. And goodbye to excess oil that gets sticky if stored too long on the pan.

How big is a Griswold 10?

No.Top Diameter in inchesDepth in inches1011 3/42 1/81112 1/22 1/81213 3/82 1/41314 1/42 1/410 more rows

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