Question: What language is spoken in Belarus?

Is Russian and Belarusian the same language?

Although both languages belong to the same group of Slavic languages, the differences between the two are significant. Russians cannot understand the Belarusian language well, especially if authentic Belarusian words are used. Belarusians can understand Russian, however, because almost all of them are bilingual.

Is Russian widely spoken in Belarus?

According to a study done by the Belarusian government in 2009, 72% of Belarusians speak Russian at home, while Belarusian is actively used by only 11.9% of Belarusians. Approximately 29.4% of Belarusians can write, speak, and read Belarusian, while 52.5% can only read and speak it.

What currency is used in Belarus?

Belarusian ruble Belarus/Currencies The Belarusian ruble, the local currency of Belarus, is not a fully convertible currency, so you wont be able to get any before you arrive in the country.

What currency is used in Minsk?

Belarusian rubleSymbolBrBanknotesFreq. used5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 rublesRarely used500 rubles21 more rows

Do I need visa to go to Belarus?

U.S. citizens wishing to enter Belarus for 30 days without a visa must: Hold a valid passport; Enter and exit Belarus via Minsk International Airport; Show evidence of a medical insurance policy with at least 10,000 Euros of coverage valid throughout Belarus.

Does Belarus have religious freedom?

The Constitution provides for freedom of religion; however, the Government restricted this right in practice. Foreign missionaries, clergy, and humanitarian workers affiliated with churches faced many government-imposed obstacles, including deportation and visa refusal or cancellation.

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