Question: How do I connect my caravan to mains power?

Can I plug my caravan into my house?

Using the hook up point on site Adaptors are also available to connect the standard connecting cable to a domestic 13A socket, so that the caravan can be connected to a house power supply while being stored at home. The domestic plug must be connected inside the house, or in a suitable weatherproof enclosure outside.

How does 12v work in a caravan?

Caravan 12 Volt Systems 12 volt systems are powered from an onboard battery, and provide power for the water pump, as well as strip lighting and a toilet pump. 12 volt systems allow you to keep your lights on and still use your water pump if there is a loss of mains power – as long as your battery is charged.

Why are my caravan electrics not working?

Unplug the hook-up lead and ask the site manager to reset the power. If it trips, then the socket or supply is faulty. Check for faults with the lead — If theres no issue with the socket, unplug the lead from your caravan and run a current through it to see whether the fault is in the lead itself.

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