Question: Who is married to who in Coronation Street in real life?

Which Coronation Street characters are together in real life?

Joe Duttine and Sally Carman (Tim Metcalfe and Abi Franklin, Coronation Street) Sally, 38, and Joe, 49, got together in 2018 - a year after Sally joined the cast as ex-con Abi Franklin. In November 2019 they moved into their first home together and last March they thrilled fans by announcing their engagement.

Who is Abby from Coronation Street married to in real life?

Sally CarmanOccupationActressYears active1997–presentKnown forShameless (2005–2013) Coronation Street (2017–)Partner(s)Joe Duttine1 more row

Who is Tim Metcalfes real life partner?

However off screen, Sally and Joe Duttine - aka Tim Metcalfe - got engaged during the first lockdown in March 2020 and now theyve teased their wedding date. Speaking about which wedding will be first - her onscreen big day or her real life wedding - Sally admitted, The TV wedding.

Who is gray in EastEnders dating in real life?

Toby-Alexander Smith: everything you need to know about the EastEnders actor dating Amy Walsh.

How old is Jane Danson?

42 years (November 8, 1978) Jane Danson/Age

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