Question: Where is the DPD registered office in the UK?

The hub on Roebuck Lane includes a DPD Local as well as the DPDgroup UK head office.

How many depots does DPD have in the UK?

100 depots DPD Local has over 100 depots in the UK and Ireland, operating more than 2,500 vehicles servicing 30,000 customers.

What is the difference between DPD local and DPD UK?

Whats the difference between DPD and DPD Local? DPD Local is DPDs sister company. DPD Local uses the same technology as DPD. As the name suggests, it focuses on providing a local service.

Who owns DPD local?

La Poste DPD began life in the UK in 1970 as Courier Express, changing its name to Parceline in 1984 when it was acquired by Mayne Nickless of Australia. La Poste bought the company in 2000. In 2008, Parceline became known as DPD. La Poste has invested substantially in DPDs infrastructure.

How do I contact DPD headoffice?

If you have not received a claim form, please contact Customer Services on 0121 275 0500.

One of the UKs most successful parcel delivery firms, Interlink Express, is to be rebranded DPD Local as part of a move to create greater brand consistency within the DPD Group.

How do you speak to someone at DPD?

Making contact with a human at DPD regarding parcel collections is not an easy task. The telephone number listed on the DPD website (0121 275 0500 ✗) seems to be an indefinite hold blackhole line most of the time. With this number youll have to enter a parcel or calling card number.

Who is the best courier UK?

DPD and CollectPlus were voted the UKs best parcel delivery companies in an annual poll of more than 9,000 MoneySavingExpert (MSE) users. Ipostparcels, Yodel and CitySprint were at the other end of the rankings, and got the poorest service ratings.

Whats better Royal Mail or DPD?

DPD has been voted the best parcel delivery service in the UK. This year, DPD Local ranked as the best delivery firm for the first time. Previous poll winner DPD dropped to second place. In third place came Amazon Logistics followed by Royal Mail in fourth.

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