Question: Who is Robert Pattinsons 2020 Engaged?

Despite Robert Pattinsons big screen career and Suki Waterhouses supermodel status, we dont know much about their relationship. Both of these Brits prefer to keep their private life out of the public sphere. As their romance approaches the three-year mark, heres a rundown of their secretive story.

Who is Pattinson engaged?

Suki Waterhouse Very private couple Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse remain very much committed to each other after two years of quietly dating—so much so that they have discussed getting married

Who is marrying Robert Pattinson?

A few months back, OK! reported that The Batman star Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend of a little over two years Suki Waterhouse were ready to “settle down” and get married in a “top-secret” wedding over the winter.

Who is Suki Waterhouse married to?

Robert Pattinson (2018–) Suki Waterhouse/Partner

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