Question: Is QQ in English?

Remember, though, only the desktop version of QQ is available in English — the app isnt. Thats why we recommend using Chinese QQ on your computer whenever possible.

What country is QQ International available?

China Welcome to QQ International Instant Messenger! The world has been changing at a rapid pace and so is China and its most used online communication tool QQ.

Is QQ International available in the US?

However, now, only regular QQ for people that only speak Chinese is available in the USA. If you go to Safari, it shows that it is available in 80 countries for download, and directs users to the App store to download QQ International.

Is QQ a Chinese app?

Chinas most popular social network, now on your Android! QQ is the official app of Chinas most popular social network. Youll need a QQ account to use it, which you can create from the app itself. To create your account, youll need a working phone number and to be able to read Chinese, obviously.

Which country banned social media?

China, Iran, North Korea, and Turkmenistan go one step further and enforce full bans across popular social media platforms. Four countries have full bans on VPN use (China, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea), and a further 11 impose restrictions.

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