Question: Who all does Rachel date?

Who all did Rachel date?

Here are all the people that Rachel dated throughout the series from least to most dateable:114 comments Sign in to comment. Order by: Most Hearts Most Recent. needsleep123.Ross Geller. NBC. Joey Tribbiani. NBC. Joshua Burgin. NBC. Gavin Mitchell. NBC. Mark Robinson. NBC. Tag Jones. NBC. Paul Stevens. NBC. More items •Jul 6, 2021

Who were all of Rachels boyfriends on friends?

Ross Geller Joey TribbianiTag JonesBarry Farber Rachel Green/Significant others

Who does Rachel date after Ross?

She was a personal shopper and immediately infatuated with her handsome client. However, the timing wasnt right for the two. Joshua was Rachels first boyfriend after Ross, and she ended up using him as a tool to get back at Ross. She even tried to propose to him after Ross and his new girlfriend, Emily got engaged.

Who ends up with who on friends?

Even though Phoebe and Joey only had a few romantic encounters, Monica and Chandler ended up marrying and having children together. And Ross and Rachels on-off relationship ran across the ten seasons, with the couple ending up permanently together in the final episode of season 10.

How many times did Ross and Rachel sleep together?

Ross and Rachel tell the guy that they did go out and Ross slips up that he and Rachel have had sex 298 times when they were dating, shocking her with the fact he kept count.

Does Rachel sleep with Ross?

Ross and Rachel were writings out their vows together for Monica and Chandlers wedding. Then suddenly, a little later, they got drunk and suddenly got naked and had sex and ended up sleeping together. In the Season 8 finale, Rachel gave birth to her and Rosss daughter, Emma.

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