Question: Did TJ and Natalya get divorced?

Did Natalya and TJ divorce?

Very little is known about her first partner. He was her childhood sweetheart and they married when she was 20-years-old in Las Vegas. There was never a ring and the pair never lived together. They divorced three years later.

Why is TJ not on total divas anymore?

Why is TJ not on Total Divas? Last year, TJ suffered a pretty bad neck injury and, reportedly, the WWE wanted to keep the details of his injury, which was very serious, private — so they removed him from the show.

Who is Trinity Fatu married to?

Jimmy Usom. 2014 Naomi/Spouse

How did Mick Foley lose his teeth?

It was during this period that Foley was involved in a car accident that resulted in the loss of his two front teeth, adding to the distinctive look for which he is famous.

Is Brian Pillman dead?

Deceased (1962–1997) Brian Pillman/Living or Deceased

Are Jonathan and Trinity Fatu still married?

Trinity and longtime boyfriend Jonathan Fatu, better known by the ring name Jimmy Uso, were married in Maui on January 16, 2014. Through their marriage, she is a member of the Anoaʻi family, a Samoan-American wrestling dynasty. The couple resides in Pensacola, Florida. She is the stepmother to Fatus two children.

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