Question: How does Words With Friends choose the match of the day?

You dont need to wait on your friends to start or accept a game. You can immediately connect with a player of similar skill by playing Match Of The Day. Your opponents will be specially chosen from the daily, active mix of players so you can finally max out your active games list.

How do I turn off match of the day on Words With Friends?

To stop getting random matches, please follow the steps below:Update your application to the latest version.Once updated, open the app and go to Settings.Select Account.Turn off the Random Game option.

What is the maximum number of games allowed in Words With Friends?

50 games The maximum number of games you can play is up to a whopping 50 games at a time!

How do I get rid of unwanted Words With Friends?

Heres how you can remove them. You will see the list of the completed games at the bottom of the main page. Simply tap the Edit button on the lower left corner and tap Delete on the game that you want to remove. There are instances where players want to block a user and report abuse.

How do you get unlimited coins on Words With Friends?

Coins are a type of credit that can be earned and purchased to redeem power-ups, Profile Frames, and more. They can be rewarded a multiple of ways from collecting the daily reward, beating weekly challenges, and from Mystery Boxes earned by playing the Daily Word and completing the Daily Goals.

What is a good score in Words With Friends?

As a rule, games average between 300 and 500 points, but that has less to do with expert individual play than the games score threshold and the random aspects of which letters you get and when. Eking out 300 points against a master who fights you for every square might be a triumph.

How do you know if youre playing a bot on Words With Friends?

When you look at your potential opponents in this similar word game, cloud graphics surround some avatars. These clouds designate that the player is the bot. If there are no clouds, then the player is human.

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