Question: Is it a good idea to date a baby daddy?

Is it OK to date a dad?

Dating a dad isnt for everyone, and thats okay. No one will fault you for that. In fact, its more commendable to know your personal limitations. But if youre going to do it, you have to go into it with the understanding that your life is going to change.

What does baby daddy mean in a relationship?

biological father slang. : the biological father of a womans child especially : one who is not married to or in a long-term, intimate relationship with the childs mother Near the end, a very pregnant Sara watches as her baby daddy cozies up to a new girlfriend. —

What daddy means in slang?

Slang. an affectionate or familiar term of address to a boyfriend or male romantic partner, especially if he is older.

How should a father treat his daughter?

Guiding her to trust in her own capabilities will help her confront other challenges in her life and build her self-esteem.Boost your daughters positive body confidence. Show your sensitive side. Think about your attitudes to women. Break down communication barriers.Jan 11, 2016

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