Question: Is a double date a bad first date?

A double date is a great first date option for people who are shy, slow-to-warm, or feel awkward on a first date, co-founder of double dating app Fourplay, Julie Griggs, tells HelloGiggles.

What do you say on your first double date?

Caption OptionsYour families. If you dont think to ask up-front, you can actually go a surprising amount of time without even knowing what someones parents do for a living. Places youve lived or traveled. Animals. Work grievances. Their friends. The last concert/movie/play/party they made it to. Their dating experiences.Dec 15, 2016

How do you approach a double date?

Going on a double date seems like the ultimate way to spend an evening .So find your favorite couple and clear your weekend—these seven double date tips will ensure your evening goes well.Dont overdo affection. Keep everyone feeling welcome. Moderate your alcohol. No fighting. Minimize inside jokes. Avoid movies. Plan well.

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