Question: Whats the difference between pity and sympathy?

Pity is a feeling of discomfort at the distress of one or more sentient beings, and often has paternalistic or condescending overtones. Sympathy (fellow feeling, community of feeling) is a feeling of care and concern for someone, often someone close, accompanied by a wish to see him better off or happier.

How is empathy different from sympathy or pity?

In general, sympathy is when you share the feelings of another; empathy is when you understand the feelings of another but do not necessarily share them.

What does feel bad for someone mean?

Since feeling bad for someone means you sympathize and understand someone elses emotional discomfort, physical pain, or current unfortunate circumstances, Id only use that phrase in #2.

What is a word for feeling sorry?

Empathy is heartbreaking — you experience other peoples pain and joy. Sympathy is easier because you just have to feel sorry for someone. If its sympathy, youre feeling sorry for someone.

What is a another word for feeling sorry?

To feel or express sympathy. sympathize. pity. commiserate.

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