Question: Should I delete tinder?

Tinder recommends staying away from 500 characters and using less if possible. You want to quickly interest someone but not give too much away. The blank space is said to be best filled by conversation within the direct message function. That leaves Tinder users to rely on a profiles pictures to make a connection.

Is it bad to delete Tinder?

Lets start with the good news first: Deleting your Tinder account and starting over gives you another chance to match with all the attractive singles who swiped left on you the first time around. Youll get an automatic profile boost as your Elo score is calculated, so youll initially get more exposure.

How often should I delete my Tinder?

Deleting and going back on when things didnt work out felt like a failure – I hedge my bets more now.” For some couples, deleting the apps was a rite of passage, and it seems the general consensus is between three and five dates is ample time in someones company to know whether you want to make that statement.

What happens when I delete Tinder?

What happens if you delete your Tinder account? If you delete your Tinder account, all matches and messages wont be available to you and will be deleted. You can come back with the same Facebook account or a phone number in the future, but for now, you wont appear to others on the app.

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